Some Lee Street Views
Google's Street View

The National Cemetery
Green Hill Cemetery
The National Cemetery, 721 Lee Street
Green Hill Cemetery, entrance
Boundary between The National 
Cemetery and Green Hill Cemetery

Site of the magnificent McFarling home on the corner at 682 Lee Street that was demolished by the Geniuses at the City's Public Works Department.
Alley beside The National Cemetery's Northeastern corner, to the left is the 
site of Buddy Bryant's former home -->>
681 Lee Street, Buddy Bryant's former home.
Site of Morris Grocery Store,
Berryman Avenue and Stokes Street
Site of Johnson and Lentz Drug Store at 
735 Holbrook Ave and Stokes Street
Site of Drug Store's Neighbor.

Site of Slick Warren's Store, Dame and Green streets, across the street on the right corner.
Green Street Park
Site of Hudson's Pharmacy, 595 Jefferson Street, at Colquhoun Street.
Site of Mr. Underwood's Barber 
Shop, Jefferson and Pine Streets.
Five Forkes

Intersection of Jefferson, Green, and Loyal Streets.
Site of R.E. Lee School at 
Loyal and S. Ridge Street. 

Site of one of the first Laundromats on Colquhoun Street, and one of the first TV sets.